Cider orchard harvest on our Central WA farm

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  • Kingston Blacks
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I thought I would show you some photos of our farm and nursery in Central WA.

Enjoy and drop me an e-mail if you have any questions.


Phil Smith Heritage Cider Supply



Kingston Blacks


Roxbury Russets

2018 nursery block will be harvested November 2017.

Block of Kingston Black

More Kingston Blacks

New Dabinett block planted 4/17

Why grow cider apples anyway?

I had a conversation with a large and successful fruit grower and packer in Eastern Washington recently and he asked me a very good question. Why should I grow cider apples? The answer is threefold and it addresses some of the problems that fruit growers face in today's difficult marketplace. 1. Labor--The labor crisis in…
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American Cider Varieties

A major theme at the recent CiderCon 2017 was the desire by cider-makers for traditional American cider varietals. Esopus Spitzenberg, Golden Russet, Harrison, and Roxbury Russet were prominently mentioned as desirable for their unique cider-making properties. All of these varieties were discovered on the eastern seaboard in the 18th and 19th century and were used…
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Mechanical Harvesting

One of the issues that we hear a lot about at Heritage is mechanical harvesting of cider apples.  In England modified olive harvesters are commonly used to harvest apples from the huge old cider trees. One of our Heritage Cider Supply customers who is working on a mechanical harvesting solution is Ken Engle.  Ken, an orchardist…
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